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Indicator Inks and Chemical Indicators (CIs), Integrators and Emulators


True Indicating, LLC has the ability to develop indicating ink formulations which can be used to create unique chemical indicators including Tapes, Bowie Dick Test Packs, Process Indicators, Integrators and Emulators. This ability combined with on-site printing capabilities including flexographic and screen presses as well as digital printers allows for creation of efficient, high-quality products which meet our clients needs whether for a traditional process or new technology.

Biological Indicators (BIs), Self-Contained BIs (SCBIs) and Inoculated Carriers


With Microbiologists on staff, automated equipment for inoculation, and resistometers for evaluation, we have the right combination to assist with propagation of custom organisms, development of BIs, SCBIs and inoculated carriers in small volume or full production scale lots. Add in a variety of readily available carriers including steel discs and wires, glass fiber discs, filter paper carriers, ampules, threads and stopper makes for the perfect mix to accomplish biological based monitoring products designed for your process.


Custom Propagation 


Environmental isolates can be provided to True Indicating, LLC for propagation and evaluation. Isolates can then be further utilized to manufacture Indicators for evaluation of resistance characteristics. 

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