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Indicator Inks are utilized to manufacture Chemical Indicators (CIs) that demonstrate when items have been exposed to a given sterilization process. The CIs manufactured using True Indicating's Inks change from an initial color to a signal color once processed; the color is irreversible, and provides end users with assurance that the item(s) have been properly processed prior to use. CIs are used by healthcare and dental facilities, in the industrial setting including medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, in veterinary offices and tattoo parlors and for foods, many of which are irradiated. 

True Indicating's Inks are water-based formulations designed without use of lead or other heavy metals, to allow for:

  • Use in manufacture of ISO 11140-1 compliant products, including Multi-Critical Process Indicators, Integrators and Emulators

  • Application via flexography, gravure and screen printing on common substrates including medical paper, Tyvek® and films

  • Easier clean-up and disposal of residual Ink in comparison to solvent-based formulations

  • Consistent quality, color and performance on a lot to lot basis

   Ethylene Oxide (EO)                                                                                                                                                             
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